4 Billion Dreams is a lifestyle conversation.

We are Dreamers

Everyone has a dream. 
There are 7 Billion Dreams in the world.
4 Billion of those Dreams are in the Asia-Pacific.
What is your dream?

Our lifestyles define our consumption habits.

The main goal of 4 Billion Dreams is better understand the wide range of lifestyles in the Asia Pacific. Who are the people who call this place home? What do we eat? How do we travel? What kind of home do we live in? What do we do for leisure? How has is this changing? What implications does it have for the future? Who are we as a regional community? What is our region’s story? What are our hopes and aspirations for the future?

The Dream

Powered by the Dreamers, 30 SCP Youth Ambassadors from 22 countries, the 4 Billion Dreams lifestyle conversation provides insight into current lifestyle patterns. 4 Billion Dreams was create to support SDG 12: “Ensuring Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns.” More specifically, it is working towards SDG 12.8 “By 2030, ensure that people everywhere have the relevant information and awareness for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature.” The (convenient) truth is: shifting lifestyle patterns has a direct effect on achieving many other Sustainable Development Goals ranging from ‘Climate Action’ to ‘Life on Land’ to ‘Good Health and Well-being.’

United Nations Environment, as the EU-funded SWITCH-Asia Programme’s regional policy support component with support from Norway and Sweden, built a youth community to explore the diverse lifestyles that currently coexist in the Asia-Pacific by jumpstarting the region’s lifestyle conversation.

The selected Dreamers represent a diverse cross-section of modern society including: academia, government, NGOs and the private sector. After coming together to receive interactive training in Bangkok, Thailand at the United Nations Asia- Pacific Headquarters, the youth ambassadors deepened their understanding of what defines a lifestyle.

Armed with storytelling skills, knowledge regarding SDG 12 and a set of lifestyle questions, the Dreamers returned to their home countries to conduct and film lifestyle interviews of everyday people from various walks of life. The voices from the conversations they had form the lifestyle stories in our regional mosaic.

Each of the Dreamers created action plans for implementing SCP in their own countries. Here is a small sample of their work on the ground so far!

Shaoxin Li
United Nations Environment,
China Office

“I am a Dreamer and I am part of the United Nations Environment team in China. I have taken an active role in China’s annual Sustainable Consumption Week– millions of people have participated in 93 cities!”

Jacklin Elizabeth Mazumder
Robi Axiata Limited, Bangladesh

“Through my work as a Dreamer, I have designed an urban farming project to promote sustainable production to a new generation in a new form in Dhaka city.  ‘AgriCamp’ recently won a grant to fund its implementation at the Social Venture Idea Competition.”

Nejat Malikya
National Environmental
Protection Agency, Afghanistan

“Since becoming a Dreamer, I have had the opportunity to launch a number of awareness campaigns and capacity building programs. I have been invited to speak to the Afghan media on several occasions. I am now advancing my SCP knowledge at TERI University in India.”

Savinda Ranathunga
Asia Pacific Youth Exchange

“I am a youth connector. I work with many organizations including AIESEC,  the ADB and UNDP. I help with networks such as the ‘Asia Pacific Youth Exchange’ and ‘2030 Youth Force’. Being a Dreamer means I am in position to ensure that SDG 12 is a central theme in youth discussions in this region.”

Uthpala Sankalpani
National Cleaner Production Centre, Sri Lanka

“Professionally, I am a SCP practitioner at the National Cleaner a Production Centre, Sri Lanka. In my personal time I have educated 400 youth from universities to achieve a sustainable future through initiatives such as the ‘Greening University’ project and the ‘Where We Belong’ movement.”

Jyotsna Mehta
Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

“One of India’s 8 climate change targets by 2030 is ‘to propagate a healthy and sustainable way of living based on tradition and values of conservation and moderation.’ I work in the Ministry of Environment Forest & Climate Change and I am using my SCP knowledge to help the government frame an action plan to achieve this target.”

“The youth of today are the people who are going to make the SDGs happen. By capturing the diversity of lifestyles across the Asia-Pacific region, this youth-powered lifestyle campaign will enable us to have more evidence-based policies on sustainable lifestyles. But perhaps even more important than that– are the implications of cultivating a regional youth movement. Through this collaborative campaign, we are creating an active lifelong network of SCP Champions.”

-Janet Salem, United Nations Environment Programme Officer 

The Dreamers!